Rich Praytor is more than a comedian.  He’s an author, filmmaker, speaker, father and Bronco fan.  He has traveled throughout the world doing stand up, producing engaging documentaries and feature films and speaking to diverse groups from all over the globe.

“Laughter brings more than smiles.  It brings hope.  It brings healing.  It knocks down emotional walls.  It’s the starting point for victory.”

Rich learned the art of stand up comedy in Los Angeles, the epicenter for comedy.  He spent years honing his craft at some of the most famous comedy clubs in the world like The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, The Improv and the Ice House.  As he progressed in his career, so does his vision for what he wanted to do.

“I didn’t want to limit myself to comedy clubs.  I wanted to be able to share the goods news of hope and healing through a relationship with our Creator.  Comedy clubs won’t allow that, but churches will.”  

Nowadays, Rich performs mostly in churches, conferences, festivals, marriage and outreach events.  He’s also an award winning video producer and director with four full length feature films scheduled to be released in 2017.

Fun Facts about Rich Praytor

  • In 1990 he was ranked 1st in Europe and 3rd in the world for BMX freestyle bike riding.

  • His daughter Alyssa pushed down Don Johnson’s son at the Salt Lake City Airport.

  • He performed stand up comedy to four prisoners who were in solitary confinement.

  • He can touch his nose with his tongue.

  • Favorite treat is Nutella.

  • His great great uncle is Pancho Villa.